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Your home should be your safe haven.

When you walk into the front door after a long day, do you feel a sense of calm wash over you, or are you figuratively (and literally) tripping over the clutter, met with frustration and stress? Unnecessary clutter can quickly take up space in your home, your head, and even your heart. At Graced Space, we take the time to understand how you want your home to function and feel. We work with you to organize what you have while figuring out what will work for you and your family in this season of your life.

We’re all about eliminating anything that’s preventing you from living your life to the fullest.

We believe you can uncover more space in your life by organizing your house so it feels more like home. 

You want to organize your life, starting with your home

Graced Space Organizing is a perfect fit for you if:

You need creative storage options for unique spaces

You want help navigating the next steps after a loss

You want accountability and support

You need help downsizing, packing or unpacking 

Not sure where to begin your journey to organization? We organize to fit your lifestyle and aesthetic. That way we can provide functional, long-term solutions that work for you and your home.

Whether you’re looking to do a purge of your things or simply find a better system for what you have (so you can actually use it!), we cannot wait to help.

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"Tanna Clark is truly an angel in training"

"In just a couple of sessions, she has helped me rid my kitchen, pantry. laundry room, and family room of the junk. Best of all, she has set things up in such a way that I can keep it organized. I feel wonderful in being able to see and get the things I want and when I want. I feel a real sense of stress reduction, and my husband is blown away by the ease of which both of us can find and use our things."


Begin your journey to your stress-free home space! Contact Graced Space and allow us to help you find the space to breathe in your home.

bringing grace to your season and space to your home