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First sign up for our complimentary phone consultation so we can discuss your needs and determine if we are a good fit. 

Let’s do this! How do I start?

This is where we get to chat one on one and discuss your clutter woes and you will learn more about our process. 

What happens during a virtual consultation?

Products are not included in our pricing but sourcing them is. We will discuss what budget you may have in mind for new containers/storage and will work within that budget.  We are also more than happy to work with the containers you already own.

Do you provide the products I’ll need to organize?

Welcome to our most asked question! Our Kick Start Session is designed to give you a jumping off point. Every organizing project is unique and many factors come into consideration for the cost and time it will take to complete. After our Kick Start Session you will receive a proposal to organize the rest of your home at our hourly rate.

How much is this going to cost me?

We will haul away one carload of donations to Goodwill per session. If you have specific organizations you prefer to donate to we can coordinate a pick up if they have them available. 

Will you haul off all of my donations?

Absolutely! You’ve got piles? We’ve got files! Taxes, bills, mail… whatever paper pile you throw at us we can tame. 

I haven’t organized my taxes or bills in months! Can you help with that?

How little or how much you want to work with us is entirely up to you. We understand some hand holding may be needed for more sentimental items. During our first session we will get all the info we need to get started. If you want us to do most of the work on our own we will ask that you are available for texts or calls if we have any questions and/or be willing to do homework we leave in between sessions. 

Do I need to be around when you organize?

We know it’s not easy to have a stranger in your home especially showing off your mess but the messier the better! No need to tidy for us. We want to see what your everyday looks like. We are proud of you for taking this step to tackle your clutter and this is a 100% confidential and judgement free zone! 

How should I prepare for my first meeting with you?

Yes! Whether you need one room, or your entire house organized, we can help!

I just have one room that needs organizing – can you do that?

I'm here for you

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